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Shroud Presentations: Science, History and Religion


No cloth in history has been so studied as the Holy Shroud.  Nor has any cloth so caught the fascination and reverence of the world. Is it the ancient burial cloth of Jesus, a Visual Gospel providing in its fabric the story of His passion and resurrection? What do modern blood and DNA studies reveal? Are there images of flowers as well as soil & pollen on the Shroud that trace its history? What do pathologists say about the wounds and the weapons that created them? These questions as well as new forensic scientific and historical evidence are discussed in this  1 hour intriguing presentation accompanied by many colorful PowerPoint slides.

About the Author: John C. Iannone is a Christian writer and lecturer who studied the Holy Shroud since 1978.  In 1998 he was invited with colleagues by  then Shroud Custodian Cardinal  Giovanni Saldarini to closely view the Shroud for an extended period, viewing the Cloth again in 2010.  He published “The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin: The Case for Authenticity” (2013) and has done  400 lectures at Churches and Universities of all denominations around the US, Canada, Rome and Turin, Italy. Having earned an M.A. at the Catholic University in Religious Studies, he did additional work at Fordham U. and Union Theological Seminary in NYC.  Mr. Iannone has done television programs on EWTN and PBS-New Orleans as well as many radio broadcasts including talks on Vatican Radio in 2010 and again as Pope Francis closed out the Shroud Exhibition in 2015. He has spoken recently at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC at the invitation of Msgr. Ritchie and Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

jciannone@gmail.com.  View website at: www.shroudimage.com 



"Please know how grateful I am for your kindness in having lectured on the Shroud at St. Patrick's Cathedral. Monsignor Robert Ritchie told me that it was both informative and interesting. With prayerful best wishes, I am..."

Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York.


"Mr. John Iannone… is a learned scholar regarding the Shroud of Turin. He is working to create a Christian film on the Holy Shroud…I ask for your deference to him when he calls."
Most Rev. John Noonan, Bishop of Orlando in a letter to Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia, Archbishop of Turin and Custodian of the Holy Shroud.

"In many ways your book is utterly superb and I intend to tell all my friends that they will benefit enormously from reading your book The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin: The Case for Authenticity and then going to your website www.shroudimage.com and viewing the list of important evidences with color photos."
Dr. Robert W. Bass – Prof. of Physics & Astronomy (retired), M.A. Oxon Rhodes Scholar.

"Hi, John, Fr. Paul Henry (Rector) has sent letters to St. Faustina’s, Incarnation Catholic Church, Holy Redeemer, St. Margaret Mary and St. Ann’s supporting your lecture and encouraging their consideration to have your lecture on the Shroud of Turin at their parishes."
Susan Kimmel, Secretary to Fr. Paul Henry, Rector, Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe, Orlando, Florida

"Wonderful, fascinating, and illuminating were just a few of the comments that were heard after listening to your presentation of The Shroud of Turin. Your presentation held everyone's interest and many could not believe that an hour had passed. We all wanted more!"
Phyllis Leonard, President of St. John of the Cross Women's Guild, Vero Beach, Florida

"John – I have seen your presentation ... and I think you do a fantastic job. Blessed Holy Week!!!"
Rev. Monsignor David L. Toups, S.T.D.Rector/President, St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary


"Dear Father Neuhaus, I read a very fascinating book on The Shroud of Turin: The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin: - The Case for Authenticity by Mr. John C. Iannone (Apr 2, 2013). The evidence presented in this book would be of great appeal to Israelis, who are fascinated both by science and also religious mysticism, and it seems that the Shroud encompasses both concepts."
Menachim Mevashir, Singvangelist ( Messianic Jewish Believers in Jesus/Yeshua).

"John… I heard many great things from Tim Lykins about your presentation at St Malachy (The Actor’s Chapel off Broadway in New York City). I would like to revisit this idea of having you speak at the Cathedral (St. Patrick’s Cathedral)… scheduled April 28, 2014.
Mario Bruschi, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York, NY."


"Sending you many thanks and hugs for the wonderful presentation. Our students & staff are still talking about the Holy Shroud. Please enjoy a little part of Our Lady of the Rosary with this little gift."
Mrs. Tully – Principal – Our Lady of the Rosary Middle School.

"Your lecture and message about the Shroud comes through strong and powerful, keep up the good work."
Dan & Sandy – St. Rafka Marionite Catholic Church, Seneca, S.C.

"You are doing God's work in re-instilling the faith to so many people. Your presentation and convincing visual aids help to get their immediate attention to this suffering and light a fire to be better Christians."
Gary & Terry Bays – St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Greenville, S.C.

"For over 30 years, author, lecturer and movie producer, John C. Iannone has been researching and writing about the Shroud of Turin and his lecture on May 3, 2009 in Chicago to the members of the Catholic Citizens of Illinois was more exciting and intriguing then an episode of ‘CSI’."
Karl Maurer, Catholic Citizens of Illinois

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